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Most Likely to Succeed Quotes

Key points The automation of work will impact the future labour market. However there is optimism about opportunities technology could bring too, such as creating new roles.

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There are also limits to the tasks that technology can perform—human skills, intelligence and perception are likely to be of enduring value. Further reading Report. Shaping Health Futures This report outlines major trends and changes in the population, society, technology, politics, the environment, and other ar Read more.

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Could automating tasks liberate general practice? You might also like Press release.

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Nursing students are still dropping out in worrying numbers Analysis by Nursing Standard and the Health Foundation shows that despite political pledges to tackle the issue, students are View all related content. Kjell-bubble-diagramArtboard copy. Kjell-bubble-diagramArtboard Artboard copy 2. Hear from us Receive the latest news and updates from the Health Foundation Sign up now.

Girl Most Likely To

Space is big, high-speed travel is difficult, and fleets of battleships are expensive, they reasoned, so the likeliest mode of attack for hypothetically malicious aliens would be code concealed in a message. Such code could contain an advanced A. Or perhaps, they suggested, an alien attack could simply be a panic-inducing prank, a statement like "We will make your sun go supernova tomorrow. The only way to avoid this outcome is not to open a message from extraterrestrials, the cosmic equivalent of deleting a suspicious email.


We may only choose to destroy such a message, or take the risk. You will need to decide which questions would be most appropriate for the kind of friends you have in order to keep things interesting. We have therefore put together a list of such most likely to questions to make your life easier.

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Who is most likely to have a Lamborghini? There you have it.

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